House Cleaning

House cleaning services in your area

Take advantage of our house cleaning services. We offer a full time cleaning solution for those days when your schedule is just too full to fit in for your home cleaning needs.

Our cleaning services are regularly available on a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly basis.

What’s the difference between consumer and commercial cleaning?

There are two primary market groups within the cleaning industry: consumer and commercial.

The consumer market primarily consists of residential maid services, along with window cleaners, carpet cleaners and a variety of other cleaning services.

The commercial market is more related to janitorial services, which provide a wider range of services to target businesses rather than individual consumers (Industrial cleaning is a good example of the commercial arena).

Byron Home Cleaning Team

Byron Home Cleaning Services currently employs 8 cleaners, some on a part time basis. Our professional team carries out daily cleaning schedules to many locals around the northern rivers shire.

They can mop, dust, vacuum, clean, wash, disinfect and clean up every single corner of your house. Not some superficial cover it up job, but a deep, thorough, comprehensive clean.

Cleaning includes all services normally associated with a house cleaning company, including emptying all trash, dusting, vacuuming carpet, cleaning mirrors and insides of windows, and cleaning the bathroom toilet, shower/bath, sink, and floor.

What type of clean can you expect?

Our cleaning includes all services typically associated with a house cleaning company, like emptying all trash, vacuuming carpet, dusting, cleaning mirrors and insides of windows, also cleaning the toilet, bathroom, shower/tub, sink, and floor.

We are available from Monday to Friday. Some requests can be made for same-day service depending on availability however most bookings are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and need to be booked in days advanced.

Payments must be received at time of request and can be made by cash or direct debit.

To find out more or to make a booking, check out our Request a Quote page or call us on 0451 102 239